Football Drills & Skills : How to Play Football Positions

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Different football positions will tax your body and your mind in different ways. Learn how to play football positions with help from a player and a coach in …


lego man says:


dopey7284 says:

14 almost 15 freshman just joined football played as a kid don’t remember anything >.> hoping my coaches can teach me

Jasmyn White says:

I’m a girl that’s in love with the sport .ove always wanted to play so i might play I’n high school ! If I can

Justin Wheeler says:

yeah I just started and im 15. my coach said just to try as much as possible and pick the ones your good at. hope this helped

Adrian Shakle says:

what should i play? i am almost 14, 190 lb almost 6ft (70 in) i’m fast and strong i never played football i am just starting and will go to a camp. i will play for pop warney Nj . ive always played soccer

88174DO says:

i havent practice and my game is in 4 days and theres no practice till the game

ibraheem assadi says:

thanks bro

Christian McCool says:

Very helpful :)

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