The Fantasy Football Tattoo League

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No matter how high the stakes are in your fantasy league, a group of men from Omaha, Neb., have taken it to an entirely new level in what is known as “The Ta…


Steve Lepore says:

Why are people bashing these guys? This is what they love and there doing it with there bros. Not to mention is funny as hell

axse689 says:

team mason jar then a triangle tattoo at the beginning.

Hunter Cole says:


Xj Xv says:

Fucking white people

Roadmeat23 says:


pepstev says:

Even more pathetic, is that those players probably could give two fucks about these guys.

Anthony L says:

Seriously, who cares about fantasy leagues? Actually, stop watching sports. Stop buying sports games and go outside and actually have fun playing the real sport yourself. Idolizing players is pathetic.

Lisa UKGirl says:

Hey plz check out my music video :)

SEA12Hawks says:

fuck that.

HeightsUncrowded says:

These guys are retarded and so is the tattoo trend. It used to be a select few got tattoos now every sissy richy wussy mangirl gets one so lame.

Thomas Sargent says:

This is so stupid why would u do this

Compton2952 says:

And only black people lay one their back create life to suck the system dry, cough cough Detroit. At least this isn’t causing the entire world pain and collapse.

emoney447 says:

Idiots. Yup white people

Boondocksaint1PSN says:


djvampyre says:

Fantasy football is for faggots

thepantherguy89 says:

anyone have a link to the league?

Mikey Hawk says:

Hey, PP MM, who does this? I didn’t quite catch what you said.

koalificated says:

i’m sorry, could you repeat that for a fourth time?

tna415 says:

you guys fasho were not the first people to have a fantasy football tattoo league,
dosent mean that it wasnt fucking hilarious tho

ophidic says:


Felix Figueroa says:

Oh please, like people in other countries don’t do stupid shit all the time. Buddy, don’t even get me started.

Felix Figueroa says:

Nah, even the mentally challenged have better sense than this. These guys are just fucking stupid, straight up. They need to get laid.

ImyurZero says:

I bet these guys make fun of D&D players.

BonezTwisted says:

Ay have fun, but don’t have any regrets. If u regret getting the tattoo, dont play next season.

sa99miy says:

yu gi oh league anyone?

MrUnclehouse says:

No. Only fucking retards would do this.

EpicHotCheese says:

Glad these idiots exist for our entertainment.

tom selleck says:

rofl fcking idiots

TheSandboxTV says:

Everyone does it not just white people get real!

TheSandboxTV says:

NOT TRUE!! Go to my page and see the tramp stamp our boy got for saying the Spurs would win this year!! Lebron looks good on black skin or any tramp stamp really!!!

simbanr1 says:

lol his bieber tattoo was pretty big

xxBoldxx says:

fucking white people

YouBazinga says:

idiots, morons, retards could not come up with this sick game.

Rhea Mogoginta says:


mswoonc says:

Not worth shit


Fake as hell

handello says:

This is stupid.

Trippy Era says:

You are a racist.

Andi Muharemi says:

Can I join?

hallemanrosas says:

Lmao. This too down!

Ben Cowman says:


WHlTEDEVlL says:

white power

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